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Elbow Support Padded Floprene


The Floprene padded elbow support includes all of the features of our neoprene PL19 padded elbow support combined with the breathability benefits offered by our new dual flow material.

This highly efficient BREATHABLE fabric system provides high tensile strength yet remains flexible and supportive.

Comfort Factor, Neoprene versions are ideal for use under normal conditions or if being worn for time periods of up to two hours.

Floprene is recommended for extended use or during strenuous activities.

High quality padded elbow provides good protection, support and compression for knocks, strains, sprains and tenderness around the elbow.

Especially effective for protecting and preventing previous injuries from further aggravation. Manufactured from triple thickness neoprene padding surrounding the underside of the elbow and upper forearm, providing full stability, unrestricted movement yet good protection that helps to cushion impacts.

The pre-shaped support has a contoured design that stays in place together with a total thickness around the elbow of 10mm ( 3/8 ins)thick neoprene padding to aid comfort.

Also most suitable for activities where the arms are used extensively, or in situations where there is a tendency to over stress the joint muscles.

Manufactured from neoprene and with a superplush towelling lining for comfort.

The Elbow Support is designed to provide protection, comfort, compression and support. Eases aches & pains.

Padded Elbow Support Features:

  • Comfort and good compression.
  • Triple thickness padding for protection.
  • Slip on design with a three dimensional shape to follow the contours of the arm.
  • Designed for most activities.

What you can expect from the Elbow:-

The Elbow support is designed to be comfortable when worn yet providing good protection, support and compression to the surrounding areas. It provides relief for minor injuries and ailments. Eases aches & pains.
As an indication of comfort we have categorised the above products as follows: Standard Neoprene (PL) = GOOD
Floprene® Neoprene (FL) = EXCELLENT

FL19 Padded Elbow Support

Available in

Black Only

breathable fabric

Universal - Unisex
Fits Left or Right

Sizing Guide

Proline ElbowFor measuring to your particular size, measure widest circumference of forearm. (Approximately 2ins (5cm) below the elbow joint).





9½" - 10¾"

24 - 27cm


10¾" - 11¾"

27 - 30cm


11¾" - 13"

30 - 33cm


13" - 14¼"

33 - 36cm


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