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Thigh Support Padded Floprene

Thigh Support Padded Floprene - FL05PROLINE Supports

Floprene version combines all the features of the standard PL05 neoprene thigh support with the benefits offered by our new BREATHABLE fabric system.

It helps to reduce perspiration and enable a perfect micro-climate fit against the skin.

Particularly beneficial when being worn during strenuous activites or over extended or prolonged periods.

A high quality thigh support provides protection for hamstring related injuries, inner (aductor) and front (quadriceps) thigh and groin strains.

Helps alleviate cramp, especially effective where short bursts of exercise, or rapid warm-up from potentially cold conditions are required.

Manufactured from 3mm neoprene and with a superplush towelling lining for comfort.

Fitted with an additional 3mm neoprene oval pad that allows for rotation of the support for extra protection to soft tissue injuries providing good comfort and shock absorbing protection. The Padded Thigh Support is designed to give comfort by providing compression and support. Eases aches & pains.

What you can expect from the Padded Thigh:-

The Padded Thigh is designed to be comfortable when worn yet providing good support and compression to the thigh and surrounding areas. It provides relief for minor sporting injuries and ailments.

Provides relief for minor sporting injuries and ailments commonly associated with:

  • Groin strains
  • Aductor strains
  • Quadricep strains

Padded Thigh Support Features:

  • Comfort and good compression.
  • Slim design that can be worn under clothing.
  • Designed for all activities.
  • Slip on design with a three dimensional shape to follow the contours of the leg.
  • Double thickness neoprene pad for extra protection.

FL05 Padded Thigh Support

Available in

Black Only

breathable fabric

Universal - Unisex
Fits Left or Right

Sizing Guide

Proline ThighFor measuring to your particular size, measure widest circumference of thigh.





19" - 21"

48 - 53cm


21" - 24"

53 - 61cm


24" - 27"

61 - 69cm


27" - 30"

69 - 76cm


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Price £20.95

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