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Proline Warm-Up Shorts Floprene

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Warm-Up Shorts Floprene

Warm-Up Shorts Floprene - FL11PROLINE Supports

Floprene version includes all the features of our neoprene PL11 shorts as above, combined with the benefits offered by this new breathable neoprene based fabric.

By reducing perspiration it enables a perfect micro-climate fit against the body under all conditions.

Particularly beneficial when being worn during strenuous activites or over long periods.

Can be worn in both training sessions and during competition to aid in the prevention of muscle injuries and strains.

Manufactured from 3mm neoprene and with a superplush towelling lining for comfort they are also perfect for firming and trimming the waist ,hips and thighs. With a tailored design for maximum comfort.

Offers compressive support for groin, hamstring, inner (aductor), front (quadriceps) and abdominal injuries. Helps alleviate Cramp, especially effective where short bursts of exercise, or rapid warm-up from potentially cold conditions are required.

The Warm-up support shorts are designed to provide comfort by providing compression and support. Eases aches & pains.

What you can expect from Warm-up shorts:-

Ex Welsh Rugby Union International and physical conditioning coach Matthew Robinson says that "wearing Prolines warm up shorts definitely helped in reducing the severity of haematomas (bruising) I received during matches, helping my recovery times between games".

The shorts are designed to be comfortable when worn yet providing good support and compression to the thigh, groin, abdomen and surrounding areas. They provide relief for minor sporting injuries and ailments. Eases aches & pains.

Provides relief for minor sporting injuries and ailments commonly associated with:

  • Groin strains
  • Aductor strains
  • Quadricep strains
  • Abdominal strains

Warm-up shorts Feature:

  • Comfort and good compression.
  • Slim design that can be worn under clothing.
  • Designed for all activities.
  • Tailored figure hugging design.

Sizing Guide

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28" - 30"

71 - 76cm


30" - 32"

76 - 81cm


32" - 34"

81 - 86cm


36" - 38"

91 - 97cm


38" - 40"

97 - 102cm


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