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Kidney Belt

Kidney Belt - PL14PROLINE Supports

A hi-tech lightweight sturdy and comfortable kidney belt.

Slim Design that can easily be worn under clothing.

Provides compressive support and aids posture control of the lower back area.

A multi-adjustable neoprene waist strap, makes it ideal for both Road & Off Road use.

A Hi-Tec, lightweight yet sturdy and comfortable kidney belt.

Fitted with either CARBONTEX or CARBON/KEVLAR® back pad panels, it can easily be worn under clothing.

Its padded back panel has four pads high frequency welded into an abrasion resistant shield which provides good protection yet affording excellent flexibility.

Provides good compressive support and posture control to the lower back and kidney area. With a multi-adjustable neoprene waist strap and slim design makes this particular belt ideal for road ,off road and extreme sport use.

Kidney Belt covers vital areas and aids posture control. Utilizes a well proven multi adjustable hook & loop closure system. Can also be used to help provide extra protection to soft tissue injuries. The Kidney Belt is designed to provide comfort with support to aid posture control.

What you can expect from the Belt:-

The Kidney belt is designed to aid posture control with good compression yet providing lower back and kidney protection.

Belt Features:

  • Posture control.
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap for infinite compression adjustment.
  • Extra protective padded back panels.
  • Provides lower back and kidney protection.
  • Suitable for most extreme sport use.
  • Easy wrap design.


What is the difference between Carbontex and Carbon/Kevlar ?

The difference relates to the four padded panels in the centre rear of the back plate. Carbontex is a woven laminate containing Carbon fibre and a silver textile weave, whereas Carbon/Kevlar is a woven laminate of Carbon fibre and Kevlar fibre which is gold in colour.

Sizing Guide

Proline BackFor measuring to your particular size, measure waist circumference.





26" - 32"

66 - 81cm


32" - 40"

81 - 102cm


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Product code : PL14
Price £32.00

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