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MUSTANG Hinged Neoprene

MUSTANG Hinged Neoprene - PL01PROLINE Supports

Neoprene knee support brace that allows a high degree of mobility, and full natural movement of the joint. Providing exceptional strength through its unique design with a super-plush towelling lining to help maintain maximum user comfort levels.

Available in 2 neoprene versions, Standard or Floprene®. Overall length is just 17ins (43cm), a slim lightweight design weighs only 625 gms (approx) and is easily worn under clothing. Fitted with 4 fixing straps allowing precise individual adjustment

Unique nylon composite hinges provide mechanical lock-out before hyperextension of the knee occurs. Excellent lateral support, primarily designed to protect old injuries such as ACL, PCL, medial cruciate and collateral ligament conditions, it will help prevent new injuries. The Mustang is the top of the range brace for knee instability. Designed for *ACL, *PCL, *MCL, and *LCL tears and instabilities, also for use after ACL reconstruction. (*abbreviation guide see FAQ) A strong and stable brace suitable for use in contact sports.

What you can expect from the MUSTANG:-

This brace is designed to give your knee excellent stability. You should expect this product to feel comfortable when worn while offering lateral, rotational and hyper-extension control to the knee. As well as retaining full freedom of natural joint movement with no restriction. The brace will support the ligaments in cases such as stretched or torn ACL or damaged MCL etc. The Mustang is a top of the line brace offering excellent support for active people when returning back to their chosen activity.

The Mustang is designed for use by people who require knee stability. Even people who have had an ACL reconstruction and want to return to high level sports can benefit from the extra feeling of stability and security the Mustang will give them.

MUSTANG Features:

  • Unique nylon composite hinges with self centring central guide plates which control major knee instabilities.
  • Slim design that can be worn under clothing.
  • Adjustable hinge pin kit available for post operative restriction to control flexion. (MGKIT).
  • Slip on design with a three dimensional shape to follow the contours of the leg.
  • Designed for use in all types of sports activities and for use during convalescing.
  • Available with an extra protective hard shell knee cup (PL44) as an option for extreme sports use such as Motocross, Snowboarding, Skating, etc.
  • PL1234 (buttress pad) is included free with the PL01

The Mustang is used in many of the following sports:

  • Snow Ski-ing / Snowboarding, Skating
  • Water Ski-ing
  • Squash, Badminton
  • Running , Fell Walking
  • Motocross / Enduro
  • Rugby Football *
  • Soccer *

(*For league controlled sports always check with your referee for acceptance of hinged braces being worn during match play)

PL01 Mustang Hinged


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Sizing Guide

Proline KneeFor measurement of your particular size, keep the leg straight & measure the circumference of the knee.





12" - 13"

32 - 35cm


13" - 15"

35 - 38cm


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