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Padded Knee Support Neoprene

Padded Knee Support Neoprene - PL04PROLINE Supports

This compressive support makes the Padded Neoprene Knee Sleeve ideal for minor aches and pains. Whilst supporting the entire area surrounding the joint it is, further enhanced by an extra layer of protection over the knee cap.

A high quality padded neoprene sleeve that offers light pressure and comfort to the knee and surrounding areas. Especially effective where there is a known weakness, helps to control swelling.

Available in 2 neoprene versions, Standard or Floprene®.

The super-plush towelling lining provides for rapid warm-up as well as extra shock absorbing protection.

The Padded Knee is designed to provide comfort for the knee by providing compression and support. Internal Open Patella design helps reduce Anterior Discomfort. Eases Aches & Pains.

Provides relief for minor sporting injuries and ailments commonly associated with:

  • Patella Tendonitis
  • Osgood Schlatter’s Disease (OSD)
  • Bursitis
  • Rheumatic and Arthritic related knee conditions.

Being of an internal open patella design the Padded Knee will also help to keep track of the knee cap through its natural plain during most activities. Fitted with an extra layer of neoprene around the knee cap area that provides additional support and protection.

Overall length is just 10.5ins (27cm)

Padded Knee Features:

  • Comfort and gentle compression to the knee.
  • Slim design that can be worn under clothing.
  • Internal open patella to help control the tracking of the knee cap.
  • Designed for all activities.
  • Slip on design with a three dimensional shape to follow the contours of the leg.
  • Double thickness neoprene padding around the knee cap area for protection.

What you can expect from the Padded Knee:-

The Padded Knee is designed to be comfortable when worn yet providing comfort to the knee and surrounding areas. It provides relief for minor sporting injuries and ailments, by providing compression and support. Eases aches & pains.

Knee Support PL04

Knee Support PL04 Black and Mint

Knee Support BonusNow includes FREE, movable high density soft memory foam, horse shoe shaped buttress pad that can be placed inside of the knee pocket to provide extra cushioning and support for the patella if required.

PL04 Padded Knee


Purple / Mint 



Sizing Guide

Proline KneeFor measurement of your particular size, keep the leg straight & measure the circumference of the knee.





12½" - 13¾"

32 - 35cm


13¾" - 15"

35 - 38cm


15" - 17"

38 - 43cm


17" - 19"

43 - 48cm


19" - 21"

48 - 53cm


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