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Pro-Art Power Double Shoulder

Pro-Art Power Double Shoulder - PL103PROLINE Supports

These shoulder braces designed in conjunction with D. Arthur Hall, a conditioning coach and medical technician in the USA provide excellent Compressive Support and Relief yet creating a versatile and stable support for the upper torso area, including pectoral and rib cage.

Provides relief for chronic shoulder conditions and/or active persons who require multidirectional support.

Especially suitable for multi directional instability, subluxation and the management of shoulder trigger point pain by minimising this risk.

Can also be used as a shoulder immobiliser, utilising the power strap around the arm and across the torso for variable compression to the clavical area in conjunction with the shoulder.

Unisex design suitable for both men and women.

Key Benefits Include:-

  • Shoulder support and compression adding strength and stability to the shoulder area and rotator cuff.
  • Ability to adjust brace positions to accommodate a wide variety of support requirements.
  • Allows natural arm movement and rotation with minimal restrictions, whilst still enhancing stability.
  • Complete adjustment and flexibility for individual size variations.
  • Reduction in trigger point pain and joint inflammation during use.
  • Natural spread of the brace to the entire torso eliminates sore spots.

The body-brace waist coat is firstly fitted and adjusted by multi functional hook and loop straps then secondly the power-strap for variable tension control is utilised. Due to the hook reactive material used on the outer of this garment it allows the power strap to be angled or pulled in just about any direction around the body to vary the compression and /or restriction required. Also allows multi adjustment of the upper arm strap for tension control. There are no buckles on these items and as such make them suitable for use in most contact sport situations. Made from high quality lined 3mm Neoprene.

Available in 2 neoprene versions, Standard or Floprene®. Left, Right or Double shoulder fitment available.

Provides relief for ailments and sporting injuries commonly associated with:-

  • Subluxation
  • Multi directional instability
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • To inhibit external rotation
  • To stabilise the shoulder
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Can also be used to help provide extra protection to soft tissue injuries.

Shoulder Features:

  • Comfort and good compression.
  • Adjustable hook and loop straps for infinite compression adjustment.
  • Designed for all activities and sports.
  • Easy wrap design.
  • Available in Black/Blue only

What you can expect from the shoulder:-

The shoulder braces are designed to be comfortable when worn yet providing good stability, support and compression to the surrounding areas. They provide relief for injuries and ailments. Eases Aches & Trigger point pain.

(For league controlled sports always check with your referee for acceptance during match play)


Sizing Guide

Proline ShoulderMeasure chest circumference against the skin.





32" - 36"

81 - 91cm

Small / Medium

38" - 42"

97 - 107cm

Large / X-large

44" - 50"

112 - 127cm


52" - 60"

132 - 152cm

(Note: shoulder braces are not suitable for conditions where trigger point pain is severe to the touch or where any compression around the shoulder is not tolerable)


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